Alternative Resourcing

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Legal Services Centre provides flexible and scalable delivery solutions using a combination of project manager and paralegal support.

Case study

legal project mana​gement + alternative resourcing​​​

Following a rebrand, a​ large financial service institution required assistance with the review and amendment of around 250 policy documents to ensure the correct capturing of the rebranded entities' details.


On short notice a team of paralegals were mobilised, supervised by a legal project manager. We set up a secure shared platform through which the client could share the documents, review the changes proposed by our team, and provide comments in a user-friendly and cost effective manner.  The client could track progress online and be kept up to date on the budget-spend through weekly reporting for the duration of the project.


The client achieved a 47% cost saving compared to traditional or outsourced delivery models.

"I really enjoyed working with [the LSC]; very professional and made the process easy and enjoyable. Thanks."

Senior Administrator