​​​​​​​As data becomes more valuable to business, it has become more of a target for those who look to exploit it unlawfully. This accounts for a sharp rise in cyber-attacks, data theft and hacking. At the same time, our clients often operate within environments of amplified regulatory and compliance obligations, both nationally and internationally. Cyber-resilience is becoming the new standard.

Cyber-attacks are a threat to business, people and customers and they may result in costly losses to an organisation's bottom-line and reputation. Being effectively prepared for such an eventuality through training, appropriate governance structures, incident response planning, and risk management strategies has become a basic commercial necessity.

We advise clients on all legal and commercial matters associated with cybersecurity and data breaches, both before and after the incident.

Our cybersecurity preparedness offering includes:

  • reviewing an organisation's cybersecurity risks and providing advice on appropriate measures to protect and safeguard data;
  • preparing customised policies to promote best cybersecurity practices and responses to cyber-attacks; and
  • delivering focused, interactive cyber risk training that incorporates guidelines, handouts, visual aids and tailored roleplaying scenarios.

Our cybersecurity response offering includes:

  • advising on managing a cyber-attack effectively and lawfully;
  • advising on statements and notifications to be released to the public, media and clients, as well as communications with regulators and data subjects;
  • advising on any subsequent action which may be required, such as independent forensic investigations, further internal fact-finding exercises and resultant court proceedings; and
  • assisting with criminal and civil proceedings following a cyber-attack.

We are also developing a customised emergency alert tool, Webber Wentzel Alert​, which facilitates a rapid and co-ordinated response to a cyber-attack.