​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Where restructuring opportunities have been exhausted, or business rescue is not recommended or is unsuccessful, liquidation may be required.

We advise all stakeholders including directors, debtors, creditors, parties subpoenaed to liquidation proceedings, liquidators and insolvency practitioners on all stages and aspects of the insolvency process.

We assist clients with a number of insolvency-related matters, including:​​

  • acting for liquidators in all aspects of the liquidation;
  • advising on the commencement of liquidation proceedings;
  • providing support in the conduct of insolvency enquiries;
  • assisting with insolvency-related litigation and applications to court;
  • advising on employment-related aspects of insolvency;
  • advising on cross-border recognition of liquidation proceedings;
  • considering the effect of insolvency on contracts;
  • structuring transactions to minimise insolvency risks;​ 
  • advising on reckless trading and directors' personal liability; and
  • conducting forensic investigations.